easescreen Digital Signage

Who can use Digital Signage?

Anyone, who wants to touch people’s lives and communicate.

Target audience and lines of buinsess

Digital Signage can be used by all companies and organisations who seek to quickly and easily distribute information among people. Use easescreen to communicate with customers, clients, guests, patients, staff, passers-by, pupils, students or passengers.

Or, put differently: Digital Signage can be used by all lines of business and it is already used by supermarkets, hotels, airports, train stations, schools, universities, the tourist industry, public authorities, hospitals, doctors, ticket halls, museums, exhibitions, private companies and societies.


Possible applications of easescreen are unlimited and constantly being developed even further. Take advantage of our approved standard solutions or, with our help, add a new, individual application to the ones that already exist.

Thus, our Digital Signage system has proved successful numerous times in the past and may also cater to your needs - that's for sure!