easescreen Player

Highly Developed Technology, Abundant Potential for Solutions, Simple Operation


From very small to very large

Thanks to well-planned scalability, easescreen may be easily used wherever you wish - on really small displays or in merchandise-stores all over the world!

A Variety of Formats, including TV!

Ready-for-use without prior conversion

With easescreen, all common digital media files can be added immediately to your playlist...

...be it a powerpoint presentation (no Microsoft-PowerPoint license necessary!), pictures and films, Flash files or Internet pages. A list of all formats supported by easescreen can be found in the product features.

easescreen supports common TV-formats (DVB-T, DVB-S, various IP-TV-systems) that may be displayed anywhere on screen (full screen, in the background or as a picture-in-picture).

Simple Usage!

No need for specific, complicated training

easescreen's huge advantage lies in its simple usage. It can be used without any problems by any Windows user. All playlists and layouts can be designed individually...

...which is supported by a clear and informative interface. 

Networking - Updating

Always up tp date

The transmission of content and schedules can be managed by easescreen with a simple mouse click. Regular changes in settings and updates may also be carried out via web-interface (integrated HTTP-server).


Always precise

An exact overview is provided at all times, due to the preview- and screenshot-function of the Screen Manager. It allows you to obtain an absolutely identical preview of what will be or is being displayed on the POV (Point of Visualization).

Protocol Function

Everything under control

In easescreen, checks and documentations are possible at all times. Every single POV saves all information about playout and status as a basis for invoicing or service.

Individual Layout

There are no limits to creativity and ideas

easescreen enables you to individually design your screen-layout. It is not bound to any templates. However, you may select from certain screen-layouts that have been predesigned. Once created, layouts can be saved and may be retrieved at any time. Every single screen-layout may be divided into a number of "partial screens", to which any playlist may be allocated (e.g. webpage, movie, pictures, TV). 

Fill templates of word processing programs either automatically or manually with the latest parameters (e.g. a Welcome-page for guests).

Layers and Rights

To each his own

With easescreen you may define any number of "(sub-)layers" to divide layout and content, or to allocate different editors-rights to people, groups of people or departments.

In this way, individual schedules may be created that differ in organization and rights. These schedules are then displayed in a common playlist according to certain, predefined rules.


As you wish

easescreen's interactive software reacts to input by people (e.g. touch screen) as well as external trigger-events (e.g. sensors, threshold levels of a network). Hereby, a change in display - so that a deposited display pops up on screen - may be triggered automatically.

Control of Output Devices

Perfection included

easescreen has been designed particularly for electronic displays, which is why it is perfectly suitable for reliable starting, switching and disconnecting, or automatized monitoring of output devices (displays, players).

Multiple Monitors

All good things ... are more

When appropriate hardware is available, easescreen can supply several output devices with content at once. This ensures that not only multiple independent playlists per screen can be created, but also that several screens may be united to a single, large display.

No Server!

Saves money

The player is operated directly via the Screen Manager, which can be installed on several workplaces. The content of the players can be edited by several Screen Managers accordings to the rights that have been allocated to them...

...This saves you time and money.

It is advised to use easescreen Management Server software only in larger easescreen networks.

Large Networks

An appropriate solution to every demand

For larger networks we advise customers to use easescreen Management Server software. In addition to fully automated communication with single players, the software provides extensive monitoring and reporting functions.

Simple Maintenance and Installation

This is also important

easesscreen is an extensive program package which is really simple in terms of installation, maintenance and upgrades...

...a typical Client installation takes, for instance, no longer than 30 minutes! Updates and upgrades are carried out via the network.

Simple Requirements for POV Clients

Basically, none

The only prerequisite easescreen players need to have is the operating system Windows (Windows XP or later).

Individual Adjustment

Everything the way you want it

This is what the concept of easescreen guarantees: carry out individual adjustments or integrate applications that cater to your very needs - immediately and safely...

...even when seeking to receive and display data from "third-party devices", or when you want to retrieve and display data from databases. 

Nothing's impossible

You want to make adjustments? Our software team is able to realise your wishes mostly within a very short time.