easescreen Player

easescreen Software Components

Perfection guaranteed by a sophisticated system

The easescreen Screen-Manager

facilitates everything

The interface of this editing module manages all displays, triggers content, creates schedules, transfers data to monitoring devices and manages and controls these devices.

The easescreen POV-Client

realizes everything

Here, management plans are implemented at the point of display. Also, any number of Client-groups may be created in order to increase efficiency within the system administration of several displays. Updates between the Screen-Manager and the easescreen POV-Client can be carried out via a network connection.

The easescreen Management Server

manages tasks

This server has been designed as the ultimate software component which significantly simplifies the management of larger networks and allows the user to set numerous additional functions. Among others, the automatized and time-controlled transfer of media-files, extensive monitoring and reporting functions, tools for remote maintenance and sophisticated content booking tools.

The easescreen eSign Server

informs if necessary

It was designed to be used particularly as digital doorsign and booards or digital signpost. Input and acquisition of data are made via a web-based input mask that may also be used for managing rooms and ressources. POV Clients then receive the data collection via a certain interface (the eSign-event) and display it on time. You may also use embedded PCs that are run with WinCE and the according easescreen-EXE for displaying eSign content only, if you wish to not include any other Digital Signage content

The easescreen eSignTouch

allows spontaneous and flexible room booking on site

Thanks to a well recognizable colourful effect, the current state of the
resource is shown from afar. The usage of the eSignTouch doorsigns allow
a simple ad hoc booking process, which allows you to make your digital
signage network flexible and more user-friendly.

easescreen eSIGN Software for WinCE

Simply stable, efficient and economic digital doorsigns

Easescreen eSIGN software for Windows CE is an easescreen application that has been created especially for Windows CE (5, 6, 7). It instantly delivers all the information from the eSign-Server to embedded systems without having to contact a POV-Client. This means that large, stable, and more or less maintenance-free doorsigns can be displayed – using only little resources, and all this at a much lower price. 

The easescreen BrightSign Server

serves low priced and handy players

You would like to include BrightSign controllers in your already existing network? Use one of our easescreen BrightSign Servers to include Brightsign controllers, and operate your network as smoothly and intuitively as always with our editorial tool, the Screen-Manager.