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easescreen and SES-imagotag agree on cooperation


easescreen Announces Technical Partnership with SES-imagotag

Advanced digital signage software interfaces from easescreen enable flexible use of remote-controlled displays and open up new applications 

easescreen, a leading manufacturer of digital signage solutions, and SES-imagotag, a digital solutions specialist for physical retail and the world leader in electronic labelling systems, have agreed to collaborate on a global scale. The aim of both companies is to make use of the complementary synergies between their innovative hardware and software products and tap into new global markets. 

The SES-imagotag solution automates time-consuming and risk-prone tasks such as price changes or paper-based signage. Thanks to a perfect readability, SES-imagotag’s e-paper labels provide anyone with up-to-date information and advanced interactivity thanks to their integrated NFC chips. This plug-and-play system has many applications in retail, and in digital signage such as marking conference or hotel rooms, automating seat-reservation systems for public transport, or displaying patient information in hospitals.

“SES imagotag will be an important partner for our global digital signage activities,” emphasizes Gerhard Pichler, CEO of easescreen. “easescreen and SES-imagotag represent an unbeatable combination of high-performance digital signage software and high-quality plug & play display systems. Our focus in the continued development of easescreen is on an open, future-oriented software architecture with interfaces and expandability for a diverse range of applications. Our top priority is to offer our customers flexible and custom solutions that are the best in their class is.”
“SES-imagotag has built a strong international network of partners in recent years. With easescreen, we’re getting a partner on board with strong experience in digital signage. easescreen’s promising references make us believe that this will be a truly successful cooperation between these two Graz-based technology companies,” adds Eberhard Steinort, Head of International Partner Support.

easescreen is a powerful modular Digital Signage software with an intuitive and user-friendly user interface. With easescreen digital advertising and information systems can be created, managed and distributed comfortably for any number of networked displays on an individual basis. The audiovisual and interactive media content can be controlled, scheduled and updated automatically and/or manually in real-time - from one’s workplace as well as from mobile devices. 

easescreen is marketed in Europa, Africa, North and South America, as well as in the Middle East by distributors and system integrators. The international resellers of easescreen and SES-imagotag will work very close together in the individual countries worldwide.

About easescreen
easescreen is a digital signage solution with a modular software structure for limitless application possibilities, ranging from automatically updating electronic posters of all sizes, interactive terminals to managing large trans-regional screen networks. With easescreen, multimedia content is controlled, planned and distributed in one single application - intuitive to use, directly from the workplace. The manufacturer of easescreen software is Pichler Medientechnik, headquartered in Graz and Vienna, Austria, who has developed and accompanied projects focusing on digital signage worldwide since 1996. easescreen is not tied to any industry at all and is used in wholesale and retail, in industry, transport, also health and education, in the public sector, museums, as well as in hotels and gastronomy. easescreen is one of the leading Austrian Digital Signage solutions and is in use at well-known customers such as Allianz, AVL List, Boing, Casinos Austria, Heineken, OMV, Post AG, Rewe, Siemens, universities throughout Europe, Vodafone or in many bank institutions worldwide.

About SES-imagotag
SES-imagotag is a digital solutions specialist for physical retail and world leader of electronic labeling systems. The Group designs and markets all the components of its solutions (software, radio frequency equipment, labels and fasteners), thus providing its customers with a turnkey solution. The range of products and services offered by SES-imagotag allows retailers to manage their stock in real-time, improve store productivity and develop new contactless applications for shoppers. www.ses-imagotag.com

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