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What is Digital Signage?

easescreen: the right partner
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Digital signage is the most effective and quickest way to contact people via a network of monitors and digital displays, and transmit individually designed messages. 

It is fast and ingeniously simple: the distribution and monitoring of content is carried out directly from your workplace. easescreen software may be adapted precisely to all your needs and requirements.

easescreen's user-friendly design guarantees not only an effortless and easy exchange of all your information, but also updates of the like.

There are a vast number of application varieties from an electronic poster to interactive terminals and nationwide networks.

easescreen's digital signage is ideally used for

information: at the airport, at the railway station, in the hotel, in council offices, in companies, in conference rooms, at doctors'... digital displays, door signs and signposts inform and direct people within seconds; even live-tickers may be displayed.

advertisements: in the supermarket, in shopping centres or public places - messages displayed via digital signage draw high attention to themselves. Real time updates lead to a maximum in efficiency and flexibility.

corporate identity: in the lounge, in corridors or on the facade - digital signage enables you to present your company and services at their best.

infotainment: people don't like to be kept waiting. But they deal with it better when they are being entertained by digital signage, e.g. in the waiting rooms of hospitals and doctors, at the subway-station or at the counter in  supermarkets.