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Guidance System EURO PLAZA

Our state-of-the-art signposting system secures ultimate customer satisfaction:

The EURO PLAZA Conference Center close to downtown Vienna is equipped with easescreen’s conference and meeting room technology that can serve 2 to 350 people on 1,200 m² of conference area. Newly installed digital signposts and door signs ensure conference attendees will be focused on the presentation instead of asking for directions.
LCD-screens located in the lobby and lounge serve as signposts and provide current information on events. In these areas, pertinent event information or even ads and entertainment can be broadcast via easescreen.
Just create an entry in the room management system and it will appear automatically on the designated signpost screens in the right place and time. Detailed information concerning ongoing and upcoming meetings can be displayed.

An easy to use web interface guides you through the data administration of the event and room management. If desired, we can also include a standardised import interface to include booking data from third party systems.
We provide a one-stop-shop system that functions smoothly, and promotes the highest standards of operational safety. Our room management system ensures that conference attendees are supplied with full information on room capacity.

Customer Opinion

“The direct linkage between our booking system and the audiovisual screens saves our staff a lot of time when preparing an event. The web-based platform offers a tool for quick administration, so we can rapidly adjust everything to our customer’s wishes”, states Natascha Stiefsohn, Head of Center Management.

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